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The Fundamentals Of Programming

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Learn the fundamentals of programming and computer science with my interactive online course, where you can compile and run your code directly in your web browser.

Andy Davies

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I'm a software developer from Wirral in the UK. In 2015 I taught myself how to program and got my first job as a software developer. Since then I've worked for small startups and large companies, including Unilever, and Santander. I can work across the 'stack', whether that's writing Javascript on the front end, Java and Spring Boot on the back end, or provisioning and managing infrastructure in AWS. My main experience is with Java, Javascript and AWS, but I've also worked with C, C#, Python and Azure, and because I have a strong grasp of the fundamentals I can pick up new languages and frameworks in a few days. I've even written my own course on the fundamentals of programming and computer science. You can get in touch with me on Twitter, at or by clicking the button below.

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Neverending Project Part 3: Infrastructure as Code

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A big part of DevOps is “Infrastructure As Code”. In this post I’ll be using AWS Cloudformation to create and provision our infrastructure with the press of a button.