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Neverending Project Part 3: Infrastructure as Code

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A big part of DevOps is “Infrastructure As Code”. In this post I’ll be using AWS Cloudformation to create and provision our infrastructure with the press of a button.

Andy Davies

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I’m a software developer from Wirral in the UK. I’ve been programming professionally since 2015, and I’m probably best described as a “full stack” developer. I have experience mainly with Java, Python and Javascript (both front and back end), and a little C#. I’m decent with HTML and CSS, UX design, and I have cloud development experience with AWS.

You can view my most recent project here, where I’m creating an example web application from the ground up to demonstrate various aspects of software development.

I currently work for Unilever, where the stack is mainly Java Spring Boot, with microservices written in Java, Python and NodeJS. For more detail on where I’ve worked, see my StackOverflow profile.