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Neverending Project Part 1: Prototype

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There are many ways of starting a new software project. One way is to gather detailed requirements from the customer, draw up a series of features, sketch out an architecture and plan a schedule. All this is important, and too often overlooked in the name of Agile (I am a fan of Agile), however before all that I think there’s an even more important thing to do: making a prototype.

Andy Davies

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I'm a software developer from Wirral in the UK. I currently work for Unilever.

In 2015 I decided to change careers and I taught myself how to program. Apart from a little Matlab programming at University I pretty much started from scratch, and I got my first job as a software developer nine months later. I've written a little about how I got started here, you can see examples of the things I've made on my Github profile, and examples of what I know on my StackOverflow profile.

I'm decent with HTML and CSS, but what I really enjoy is solving programming problems, whether that's on the front end or back end of a stack. I like to learn not just how to program, but also what's going on behind the scenes; my self-learning has included courses in data structures, algorithms, and low-level programming in C.