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Neverending Project Part 3: Infrastructure as Code

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A big part of DevOps is “Infrastructure As Code”. In this post I’ll be using AWS Cloudformation to create and provision our infrastructure with the press of a button.

Andy Davies

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I’m a software developer from Wirral in the UK. I’ve been programming professionally since 2015, and I’m probably best described as a “full stack” developer. I have experience with Java, Python and Javascript (both front and back end), and a little C#. I can work on the front or back end of an application, and I'm an AWS Associate Solutions Architect and Developer.

I have a few personal side projects on this website, the most recent of which is Home Game Poker, a multiplayer poker app, which demonstrates how I can work across the entire stack end to end.

I'm currently looking for a new role, starting January 2021. For more detail on where I’ve worked, see my StackOverflow profile.